Hey. How’re you? Cool. Let’s talk about me now.

Welcome to Pretzels&Pencils! It’s an art blog, if you couldn’t tell. My main creative tools are an Intuos Comic tablet and some Pigma Sensei ink pens, but I have dabbled in painting (not that I claim that I’m any good at it). I absolutely love drawing full-body character designs so much that I’ve actually lost track of how many I’ve actually made, which is funny because I’m a pretty organized person.

Meet the artist
(Yup, that’s me!)

My history as an artist goes way back with one of my first drawings being a scribble on the inside of my parent’s garage (which is still there to this day!). My drawings then amounted to something more sophisticated in the form known as “The Stickman”. I even came up with my first original character, called “Super.S” (which was basically a stickman with a wiggly line to signify a cape). Needless to say I’ve gotten better and I eventually developed my own unique art style that is constantly improving.

(My first drawing!)

I’ve actually been trying to come up with an origin story for Super.S either as a graphic novel or an animation, but the plot elements and characters I want to include are all over the place and it’s been in development hell for at least 5 years now (his name has changed to “S” since then). Over the years I’ve even gathered ideas for other series too including ones called Witch Quest and TEENPOCALYPSE, with none of them close to completion.

For anyone still interested at this point, my other hobbies include collecting figurines, watching anime and playing video games (mostly PS4, WiiU and 3DS).